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3 Proven Benefits of Yoga

3 Proven Benefits of Yoga
Yoga. A practice once thought to be reserved for deep spiritualists and hippies in baggy trousers that is now rising in popularity across the globe.

Its newfound popularity stems from a collective desire to achieve more inner peace after a year of Covid regulations and lockdowns. As the world becomes increasingly turbulent, yoga practice provides us with a safe and calm space in which to forget the world’s dramas for a little while.
What’s more, it’s been the ideal lockdown sport due to it relatively equipment-free nature.
What other benefits can yoga bring you?
1. A deep stretch

Nowadays, many of us work in office jobs and spend long days sitting behind computers, which inadvertently causes many parts of the body to tense up. Deep, slow yoga practices like Hatha or Yin yoga help to counteract the body’s tightness and stretch every limb out for better comfort. It is common for people not to realise how tense they are until they begin to stretch properly and regularly.

2. A toned body

More active forms of yoga, like Ashtanga or Vinyasa Flow, are great for toning up looser areas of the body as yogis glide between postures. Holding these poses builds strength and encourages practitioners to gain confidence in their body’s abilities. Knowing it will hold them up even in the most difficult positions gives a real boost to one’s mind-body relationship.
3. Visible improvement

Yoga provides practitioners with a moment of mental respite as they focus on the breath and holding position. It may feel difficult initially but with regular practice, you will quickly improve, and be able to see and feel the remarkable results of your dedication in many areas of your body.

All there is left to do is get some gear and get started, so what are you waiting for?

Katie Harwood
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