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3 Motivational Factors to Leading An Active Lifestyle

3 Motivational Factors to Leading An Active Lifestyle
This year has gone one of two ways for people seeking to increase their stamina and lead a more active lifestyle. Some used lockdown as a reason to get started, whilst others were unfortunately discouraged by the global situation and found solace in Netflix and the fridge. Trust us, if the latter was you, you were not alone.

But as news of a vaccine spreads and hope begins to bloom across the world, perhaps it’s time to give that active lifestyle a second go. What will motivate you to make that step and keep it going?

1. Get some gear you feel good in

If putting on an old top and some worn, see-through leggings doesn’t set your heart fluttering, it is likely you won’t feel 100% motivated to work out either. A pair of shorts you love or a beautiful top will immediately push you towards starting because when you feel good, you look good. Get a pair of leggings that don’t make you worry about your thighs and watch your attitude towards sport change.

2. Start slow and build up

Getting a start on your active lifestyle is often a case of the tortoise and the hare. Kicking things off with a 5km run or forcing yourself to exercise every day of the week will only be unpleasant and quickly become unsustainable. It’ll be easier to say, “I tried” and give up.

Instead, why not start slow? Identify the times of day you feel most up to exercising and try to do it then. Begin with brisk walks before running or try hatha yoga before trying ashtanga. Exploring a range of sports instead of forcing yourself through the ones you don’t like will also help you find ones that do make you feel good. Exercise should release dopamine, not make you feel dread. Find your niche and that’s half the battle won.

3. Get some entertainment going

If you like to exercise alone, look for playlists or podcasts that will sustain you. A gripping true crime podcast can make you forget the very fact your feet are jogging. Otherwise, a great 80s workout playlist can help to really put you ‘in the zone’. Walking or running are great solo sports that you can do with friends, so why not get yours together for a group workout? That way, you can get a double hit of dopamine from socialising and exercising.

These tips should help your active lifestyle journey take off. Soon, you will find that you don’t even have to think about it. You’ll just be doing it. Being active is a privilege and a pleasure, so embrace it!

Katie Harwood

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