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Why It’s Never Too Late to Start an Exercise Routine

Why It’s Never Too Late to Start an Exercise Routine
Most of us have fallen into the trap of believing that we all need to be in elite physical shape or an Olympic athlete to reap the benefits of regular exercise as we age, but this is far from the truth.

No matter what our age, physical activity is beneficial for our health and longevity in many ways, including our physical and emotional well-being, and, perhaps most importantly, our sex lives.

Starting a walking routine at your own speed and for as long as possible will kickstart your exercise routine to lead a healthier and happier life, as new research confirms that increasing the intensity of your walking in a shorter amount of time can positively affect your strength and health.

Like bathing and brushing teeth, the benefits only become apparent over time, and they require regular, if not daily, work to achieve and maintain.
When it comes to getting started, you can easily get caught in the magnitude of a new lifestyle change that you’d have to sacrifice your way of life to maintain, but the real focus should be on making incremental improvements through small, consistent gains.
When you commit to a regular habit of pushing yourself just outside your comfort zone, you'll be shocked at the changes you'll see a year from now when you apply continuous improvement to your life, regardless of your starting point. While consistency is key, sustainability is more paramount.
It may be tempting to do too much early on, but it is vital to keep to a routine that you can manage so that you don’t burn out due to overexertion. When sustainability and consistency are aligned, you’ll be able to leverage the likelihood of success. Instead of waiting for the perfect timing, just start where you are.
Grab some comfy sportswear, invite a friend, join a club or go for a walk while listening to your favourite audiobook; when you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll feel motivated to continue on your fitness journey and exceed your expectations, no matter what your age.